VFW Commemorates Hard Fought Win as Senate Finally Passes ‘PACT Act’

The following is a message from VFW National Commander Tim Borland

“Today’s passage of the PACT Act is a landmark victory for veterans of all ages, of all conflicts and their families. Too many of our veterans have suffered over the years from effects of toxic exposure, with no medical care, no recompense, and no support to their loved ones. They fought with everything they had to prove their illness was service-connected and were delayed or denied care until death overtook them.

PACT Act PassageNo amount of money or legislation can bring them back. However, today, their fight was vindicated. Because of their efforts and the work of veteran advocates, the voices of sick and dying veterans was finally heard and the future health care of today’s and tomorrow’s veterans will finally be made right. I thank Sens. Tester and Moran for leading a bipartisan effort to get this done. Your sincerity in caring for the well-being of veterans and their families will not be forgotten.

Lastly, I congratulate my legislative team at the VFW’s Washington Office, our Action Corps network, as well as all the VSOs and veteran advocates that partnered in this endeavor and never backed down. Your long, tenacious fight for veterans’ rights and the stand you took on fire watch this weekend is the model of effective, grassroots advocacy for generations to come. Veterans truly are stronger together. Thank you for reminding Congress that every veteran counts.”