VFW Action Alert: No More Delays, Pass the PACT Act Now!


A procedural issue required Congress to amend and pass the PACT Act again.

VFW Issues an Action AlertThe House has done its job and passed the bill with bipartisan support. Every day this bill is delayed means another day a veteran could get sick and die. The Senate must stop any further delays and immediately pass the Honoring our PACT Act.

This comprehensive legislation would help millions of toxic-exposed veterans receive VA health care and benefits. This bill is supported by more than 60 veteran organizations.

It would create a concession of exposure for burn pits and airborne hazards, establish a list of presumptive conditions, and provide a framework for assessing future conditions linked to any toxic exposure, foreign or domestic, past, present, and future. 


Take Action

Contact your senators and tell them no more delays, no more amendments. They must bring the Honoring our PACT Act to the floor immediately and vote YES. Sick veterans cannot afford to wait any longer for health care and benefits.

The Senate must act now!