Three Signs It’s Time to Get New Glasses

Our friends at Eyemart Express offer tips to keep eyes in top shape this Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Nearly seven hours each day is spent staring at screens, according to recent global digital findings by DataReportal. In fact, a survey conducted by The Vision Council found that 68% of people reported using two or more devices with screens simultaneously, be it a laptop computer or television and a tablet or smartphone.

People who are closely connected to their electronic devices can now better recognize when their eyes need an adjustment, thanks to tips from Eyemart Express. The company is the exclusive eye care provider of the VFW. 

eye exam and lenses“Don’t let your eyes pay the price for too much screen time,” says Katy Hanson, Eyemart Express CMO. “A visit to the eye doctor and new glasses can enhance your vision and make everyday tasks feel like a whole new experience.”  

3 Signs You Need New Glasses:

  1. Experiencing extensive eye strain and fatigue: Neck pain, headaches, and dry eyes all signal eyes are getting tired and may need a correction. After getting a new prescription from an eye doctor, try lens treatments like UltraXBlu to help filter harmful blue light from digital screens for additional protection.
  2. Vision Changes: Any changes to your sight like blurred vision or squinting to see clearly are key indicators it’s time for an eye exam. Most likely, new glasses with an updated lens prescription will do the trick. See clearly faster at Eyemart Express, the VFW’s exclusive eye care partner, with same-day glasses thanks to the optical retailer’s on-site lens labs.
  3. Time in the Sun: Prolonged sun exposure from being outside for long periods of time can irritate eyes, according to The Vision Council. Get prescription sunglasses with a gray tint to reduce brightness and keep vision clear while on the road or working outdoors.  

Eyemart Express gives all VFW members and their families a 20% discount on all purchases, including frames, lenses, and accessories, with a valid VFW membership card. The optical retailer also offers the flexible payment options for those who want to wear their new same-day glasses home and pay-over-time.

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