'We Are Here for You'

A former medical technician in the Air Force, Daniel Luby's call to serve continues as a VFW Accredited Service Officer

Daniel Luby’s father served as a Security Forces specialist in the Air Force. But when he was just four years old, Luby’s father passed away unexpectedly. When he was old enough, Luby enlisted to feel closer to the father he lost years earlier.

From November 1995 to September 2020, Luby relished the opportunity to serve in several medical roles in the military.

Air Force veteran Daniel Luby“I had the pleasure of being a medical technician in the Air Force, a health care specialist in the Army National Guard and a hospital corpsman in the Navy,” he said. “I loved taking care of my fellow airmen, soldiers, sailors and marines. Every time I was able to help, I felt a great sense of joy.”

Today, Luby is retired from the military. Due to his own health issues, he is unable to continue in the medical field altogether.

A VFW Life member, Luby lives in Anchorage, Alaska with his wife of 18 years, Stephanie and their three children, Tommy, Tyler and Autumn. 

In December 2021, he began working as a VFW-Accredited Service Officer to continue serving others.

“I enjoyed helping people in the medical field, and when I stopped, I guess you could say, it left a void. Taking on this position has helped fill it,” Luby explained.

On a typical day, Luby said, “I talk to many veterans — some happy, some sad and some grumpy, but I still love it,” he said. “Every person we talk to is special.”

Luby recognizes each veteran as an individual with his or her own story. No matter their differences, he explains, they all share one thing — the right to earned benefits and support. He makes a point to connect with men and women who may not realize what they are entitled to.

“I especially want to talk to those we have not been able to help yet,” he said.

Addressing those veterans, he continued, “Come see us. You’re not taking anything away from anyone. We are here for you.”

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