Honoring Women Veterans

VA sponsors 'Through Our Eyes: The Women Veterans’ Experience' exhibit showcasing female veterans

When VFW Commander-in-Chief Matthew “Fritz” Mihelcic visited the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System in Reno, Nevada, on Jan. 7, he was treated to a tour of the facility. Along the way, he viewed a permanent exhibit honoring women veterans. 

National Commander Fritz Mihelcic views the VA-sponsored 'Through Our Eyes: The Women Veterans' Experience' exhibit
VFW Commander-in-Chief Matthew “Fritz” Mihelcic views the “Through Our Eyes: The Women Veterans’ Experience” exhibit on Jan. 7 at the VA Sierra Nevada Healthcare System in Reno, Nevada. Photo courtesy of Ryan Coverdell, Public Affairs Officer, VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System.
“Through Our Eyes: The Women Veterans’ Experience” aims to increase awareness and dialogue about women veterans, as well as open the viewers’ eyes to the contributions and experiences of women who have served our nation.

The exhibit features women representing various backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and all five branches of military service.

According to Glenna Smith, public affairs officer with the VA in Reno, the exhibit has been so successful that it is has expanded to four other VA health care systems: Boston VA Medical Center, Memphis VA Medical Center, Phoenix VA Medical Center and the Cincinnati VA Medical Center. 

“This beautiful exhibit has increased the visibility and recognition of women veterans and their critical roles performed in service to our country throughout history,” Smith said. 

The exhibit portraits were taken by the Reno VA’s Recreational Therapy Veterans Photography Group. The finished products are 20-inch-by-30-inch framed posters mounted on a wall or displayed on easels along with the printed copy of each veteran’s story. QR codes also link to each story. 

“This is a meaningful exhibit showcasing female veterans from all eras,” VFW Commander-in-Chief Matthew “Fritz” Mihelcic said. “I would encourage all who are near one of the five VA locations honoring women to take time to check it out.”