Why Go to Church?

A Message from the VFW National Chaplain

Why should you go to church? I have heard a lot of odd reasoning about this over the years. Consider a few common objections. 

Some people say the church is full of hypocrites – well of course it is. If people were all perfect, we could shut down the operation. People go to church because they are sinners. 

2020-21 VFW National Chaplain Joseph GallickWe church goers are pretentious, jealous, greedy and so on. We are here because we need help, and our world needs help. If there are any perfect people out there, perhaps they could come to church and help us. We need the help.

Some people say church is boring. I agree with them. However, I also disagree with them. I think basketball is boring and shopping at the grocery store is boring and every day routine is boring. We do a lot of boring, repetitious activities because that is the only way we can achieve certain goals. Frankly, what really entertains me usually does not make me a better person.

Some people say, “I do not get anything out of church.” How do they know? For most of us, change for the better is slow. So slow that it is hard to tell there is movement.

Of course we would all like quick and easy ways of changing our lives, but for most of us, that is not the way it works. Instead, it takes years of slow, difficult progress, especially when it comes to something like holiness.

Some people say churches are all the same. I would argue those folks have not gone to many churches. Churches are separate because they have different ways of worshiping God and answering ultimate questions. We each need to find the one that is right for us.

Some people say they can worship better alone on a mountain top than in a church. For some religious traditions that might be true, although I doubt it. Humans are naturally social beings and will not thrive if left to themselves.  

Christianity had a follower who claimed that only when two or more are gathered in His name, not just one, would His work be done. Everything that goes by the name of holiness cannot be achieved without at least one other person. 

Things like justice, kindness, patience, and love require more than one person to make them real.

Some people say they are too busy. If you believe humans were created for eternity, surely it makes sense to think that 60 to 90 years are not the most important part of an eternal life and that you ought to spend a few of these moments getting ready for a life that will never end.

God is waiting for you.  

“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him.” 

Why keep God waiting?