#StillServing Merchandise Available

VFW Store now offers products promoting ongoing commitment to service

In February 2020, VFW launched its #StillServing campaign to showcase VFW members’ commitment to service in communities around the globe. 

A 2018 Volunteering in America Report by the Corporation for National and Community Service found veterans volunteer 25 percent more time, are 17 percent more likely to make a monetary donation and are 30 percent more likely to participate in local organizations than civilians who never served in the military.

StillServing merchandise is available for purchaseThat certainly came as no surprise to VFW, whose members have long had a penchant for community service. 

At vfw.org/StillServing, veterans are sharing their stories of service. There also are videos of VFW members making a difference in their respective communities.

According to VFW Communications Manager Randi Law, the campaign has been such a success that veterans have asked to have #StillServing merchandise available.

 “Veterans are proud of their lifelong commitment to service, and they want to make it known, so we teamed up with the VFW Store to make it happen,” Law said. “This branded merchandise allows our members yet another way to spread our message of commitment and service, and they can look stylish doing it.”

Law added that depending on the success of the current #StillServing products, she hopes to build upon the line of merchandise in the future.

Visit the VFW Store at vfwstore.org to see the full line of #StillServing products.