'Go Better Yourself!'

Working toward a double major, Army veteran Seth DuCasse turned to the VFW when he needed help with tuition costs

Seth DuCasse, 29, served in the Army for nearly seven years. As a Paralegal Specialist in the JAG Corps, he was stationed throughout the Southeast United States and Texas and was deployed to Iraq.

Originally from Rockingham, North Carolina, today DuCasse lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his nine-year-old daughter Laila. He is double-majoring in Accounting and Business Administration at Wilmington College.

Army veteran Seth DeCasse and his daughterTo help with tuition, DuCasse searched for financial aid options for veterans and came across the "VFW Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship."

“My family and I are extremely grateful,” he said. “This scholarship makes it possible for veterans to pursue their education to better themselves and provide for their families, especially during these difficult times.

“In the midst of a pandemic,” he continued, “this literally put food on the table and allowed me to pay my mortgage. I can’t put into words my appreciation.”

While in school, DuCasse is working in the real estate industry. After graduation, he plans to open a consulting firm specializing in real estate investments and portfolio management.

He encourages other veterans to take advantage of the benefits and aid they have earned to pursue their own dreams.

“You put in the work and sacrificed to serve this awesome country,” he said. “Allow this country to serve you in your educational endeavors. If you earned the GI Bill, you have a free education waiting, and it’s almost criminal not to utilize it, but just because you have that doesn’t mean you can’t use scholarships as well,” he insisted. “Take advantage of the resources available to you, and go better yourself!”

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