Veteran is Grateful for Remarkable Service from VFW

He knew he needed to file a claim, but he was not comfortable handling it alone

Jay DePinto, 50, of Beaufort, South Carolina, served in the military for 27 years before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. The husband and father of three first joined the Marine Corps because of a sense of honor, duty and service.

Retired Marine Lt. Col. Jay DePintoFor nearly three decades, DePinto was stationed around the world. He served on both the East and West coasts as well as in Iraq, Bahrain in the Persian Gulf and locations across Europe.

Service was often grueling. It included constant running and other rigorous physical activity. In retirement, DePinto suffered from chronic health issues affecting his ankles, feet, knees, hips and back. He knew he needed to file a claim, but he was not comfortable handling it alone.

“I did not want to do it myself, period,” DePinto said. “I knew I did not know enough about the VA to properly complete it.”

DePinto’s wife, Priscilla, worked at the Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. She put her husband in touch with a VFW Service Officer there, who she thought might be able to help. She was right.

As a retired Navy Chief with experience in the medical field, the VFW Service Officer was able to guide DePinto through the process and help him understand what to expect.

Within a matter of weeks, the VFW Service Officer reviewed all medical records, obtained necessary documents and completed all paperwork.

“It was absolutely remarkable,” said DePinto.

After being evaluated, he received a VA rating of 90%. Assistance was critical. DePinto is grateful that such a high level of service is not only available, but also is completely free of charge.

To fellow veterans requiring assistance, DePinto recommends they start before retirement and trust in the process.

“Find a VFW Service Officer to speak with,” DePinto said. “They will provide excellent service. My family is so appreciative.”