Coping with the New Normal

We will get through this as we continue to work together and support those in need

We are experiencing unprecedented times in our present day. This widespread pandemic has caused much pain and suffering. Thousands are sick and too many have died. 

VFW National Chaplain JenkinsStates have issued stay-at-home orders. We are told to practice social distancing. There is a shortage of products at the stores that are open. Many businesses are closed, some permanently.  

People have lost their jobs or their jobs are currently in jeopardy. Individuals are unable to see family and friends. 

VFW Post and District Meetings have had to be cancelled or are being conducted electronically. Department Conventions have had to be canceled as well as our National Convention in Reno, Nevada.

Who would have ever believed that we would experience all of this? Through it all, it has been difficult to remain positive. But we must try against all odds to do just that – be positive. And spread that positivity wherever you see it needed.

How do we remain positive, you ask?

Keep your mind active and do not dwell on today’s circumstances. Read the Bible, a poem or anything else you find uplifting. Pray. Meditate. Watch movies or read a book. Play board games or work on a jigsaw puzzle.

And above all else, stay physically active. It is important to get regular exercise.

Reach out to your fellow VFW members to check on them to see how they are doing. Call, text or email your member,s or use the old-fashioned way: Mail a card.

Be sure to ask whether or not they have someone to look in on them and get things they may need. Pray with them. Share positive words.

If you find you are still struggling during this difficult time, reach out to your chaplain, priest, pastor or rabbi for support and encouragement.

We will get through this as we continue to work together and support those in need.