UPDATE: Federal Government Shutdown

TRICARE.mil website updated with latest shutdown-impact information

The TRICARE.mil website has been updated to include the latest information about beneficiaries' access to health care services. The www.TRICARE.mil/shutdown page has the following text, as well as additional details about impacts of government shutdown on MHS beneficiary services. Individuals can sign up to receive email alerts regarding any impacts to their TRICARE benefit during the shutdown. Please visit www.TRICARE.mil/shutdown for up-to-date information.

The Military Health System will continue to provide health care to its beneficiaries during a government shutdown. While we can't predict the exact consequences of a shutdown on every part of our MHS, we may see some impacts on the delivery of health care services within our military hospitals and clinics.

Inpatient, acute and emergency outpatient care in our medical and dental facilities will continue, as will private sector care under TRICARE. We anticipate most medical and dental providers, along with most retail pharmacies, will honor TRICARE copays and cost shares.

If for some reason a TRICARE network provider or pharmacy requires you to pay up front for care, call your regional contractor to discuss it with the provider. If the contractor can't immediately resolve the issue, you can still choose to get care with that provider and save your receipts to file for reimbursement.

The Military Health System will update the information on their website as they receive more details. Please sign up for email updates to receive emails about major changes as they occur.