Former Army Medic Follows Personal Mission

'I just want to pay it forward for all who have sacrificed to allow me to be where I am today'

“The military gives you a different level of standards to uphold, and a code of ethics to live by. It teaches you what it truly means to have integrity and be loyal.”

Meggan Thomas served for three years as a medic in the Army, at posts in the United States and in Dexhiem, Germany.Former Army Medic Follows Personal Mission

“I provided medical care for soldiers coming out of and going back into active combat. I saw their injuries and pain,” Thomas said. “When I’m able to show people how to get the care they need, that makes me feel good." 

"There’s a special bond shared between those that serve in the military.”

After she was discharged, Thomas worked for six years with Child Protective Services in her home state of Texas. She then moved to Virginia to take a position with the VFW as a Veteran’s Casework Consultant.

“My personal mission statement is to meet a need in communities as a health advocate, and I’m happy to do that for veterans,” Thomas said. “It means a lot to be able to give a voice to those who aren’t always acknowledged by society.” 

In her role as a Veteran’s Casework Consultant, Thomas communicates with and responds to inquiries from veterans having issues, most of which are health-related. She has also obtained a master’s degree in Public Health. 

She recalls one case in particular that was a “signature moment” for her: “A veteran called in who needed portable oxygen. I knew this would make a difference for his quality of life, so I advocated for his case. He called me a month after getting his portable oxygen tank, and I could hear a difference in his voice: the spunk was back! It felt great to know that I had a role in improving his quality of life.” 

Thomas enjoys the business that comes with her role at the VFW. She added, “I’ve learned to adapt to the political environment, and make sure to keep up with the news and legislation as it affects veterans.”

When thinking about what lies ahead, Thomas knows that she will continue to seek roles where she can fulfill her personal mission statement, “to meet a need in the community,” preferably health related. “My goal is to continue to meet a need, whether that be with veterans, or maybe even in the Senate,” Thomas mused. 

“It’s open. I just want to pay it forward for all who have sacrificed to allow me to be where I am today.”