VFW Encourages Americans to Remember That Freedom Isn’t Free

Those who serve epitomize selflessness

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Since 1949, Armed Forces Day has provided America the opportunity to celebrate and recognize the millions of men and women who have graciously answered the call of nations in need, bravely serving with dedication and honor. From defending our country in times of peril to helping on the home front, those who serve our country epitomize selflessness to every degree.

Each page of America’s history tells the story of the sacrifices the men and women of our armed forces have made, and each colorful page illustrates the legacy of their accomplishments. Pages tell of men and women who willingly leave their families and lives behind to defend the rights and freedoms of others, despite grave risk.

Sacred and hallowed ground at Arlington and the cemeteries of Ardennes, Normandy, Pearl Harbor and Manila remain a somber testament to the high price of achieving and maintaining freedom around the globe.

Freedom is not free, and we are thankful for every Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, Coast Guardsman and Reservist willing to ensure evil and tyranny do not prevail.

While one day of thanks doesn’t serve to repay the debt we owe our nation’s defenders, this Armed Forces Day the VFW encourages every American to be mindful that without their courage, valor and unending dedication to our nation, America would simply not be the great nation it is today.