VFW Locates Lost Claim for Injured Veteran

The help he needed, just in time for baby's arrival


Ian Sedgwick* waited two years for a VA rating. Tired of sitting in limbo, Sedgwick reached out to the VFW. 

During his 30 years in the military, Sedgwick had been injured … a lot. Needless to say, it caught up with him.

“I suffered through sprained ankles, twisted knees, herniated discs, fractured wrists, several broken bones and separating both my shoulders,” said Sedgwick. “Now I live with chronic pain and obstructive sleep apnea.”

Sedgwick, 51, served in both the Marine Corps and Navy. As he waited anxiously for his VA rating, his wife prepared to give birth. With a baby on the way, something had to give—and fast! 

“I went to the VFW Post and saw a flier advertising help filing claims,” said Sedgwick. “I called the VFW office in D.C. and they referred me to the regional office. From there, I was put in touch with Steven Lindsey.”

Lindsey, a National Pre-Discharge Claims Representative, quickly did some digging. Turns out all Sedgwick’s paperwork had been lost! The claim he had waited so long for had never reached the desktop. 

“I’m not stupid. I know the VA is overwhelmed, but so was my family,” said Sedgwick. 

Lindsey was able to have Sedgwick’s claim expedited. Just three months after Lindsey stepped in, Sedgwick was awarded retroactive pay and a 70% overall rating … all in time for his baby’s arrival.

“I can’t thank Steven enough,” said Sedgwick. “This would have been a painful process without him. Facing the VA alone is like David taking on Goliath.”

With his financial burden lifted, Sedgwick is free to enjoy his time with his growing family in his hometown of Upper Marlboro, Md.

“The pain is still there, but it’s much more bearable now,” Sedgwick concluded.

For more information on how the VFW can help get your VA claim filed, visit www.vfw.org/NVS

 * Name changed for privacy.