VFW Donates $100,000 to New Desert Storm Memorial

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) proudly donated $100,000 today toward the construction of the National Desert Storm War Memorial on the National Mall in Washington D.C. The donation marks the first payment of the VFW’s pledged $500,000 to help build the memorial. It also makes the VFW the first major veterans service organization to financially back the project. 

"On behalf of our organization and more than 600,000 veterans of Operations Desert Shield and Storm, I want to thank the VFW for this generous donation. This funding comes at a crucial point in our mission. We appreciate the VFW’s help and for taking the lead in this important endeavor," said Scott Stump, president and CEO of the National Desert Storm War Memorial.   

With the 25th anniversary of Desert Shield already here and Desert Storm rapidly approaching, project organizers have an aggressive sense of urgency, and they refuse to consider the construction of the memorial as a long-term project. The VFW’s generosity helps put the memorial’s total budgetary goal and the 2018 construction completion date within reach.

“The VFW is proud to support this project. Freeing Kuwait was an overwhelming victory that was a direct result of the superior training, equipment and dedication of America’s service members. We owe them our gratitude, and this memorial will help ensure the memory of their commitment and sacrifice endures,” said VFW National Commander John A. Biedrzycki Jr.

The memorial’s design was created based on feedback from hundreds of Desert Shield and Storm veterans and their family members. The proposed design features an elegantly curved, massive limestone wall that surrounds an inner memorial space.

Created to provide a meaningful and deeply moving sequential experience for visitors, the memorial will serve to educate visitors of the events of the war; showcase the united multination coalition; memorialize the names of the more than 300 American men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice; and leave visitors with an enduring memory of the historical significance and moral accomplishments of the war.

To find out more about the Desert Storm Veterans War Memorial or to show your financial support, visit http://www.nationaldesertstormwarmemorial.org/.