VFW Statement on Military Pay Commission Report

'The VFW thanks the nine commission members and staff'


WASHINGTONThe Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission released a 300-page report today that contained 15 specific recommendations regarding military pay and retirement compensation, health benefits and military quality of life programs. The following statement is from John W. Stroud, the national commander of the 1.9 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and its Auxiliaries:  

“The commission said from the onset that its mission was to preserve the long-term viability of the All-Volunteer Force, to maintain the quality of life of troops and their families, and to achieve fiscal sustainability for the military compensation and retirement systems going forward. The report does contain recommendations to increase military retiree Tricare fees, as well as to alter the military retirement program for future enlistees, but the devil is always in the details, and the VFW will now review the entire report in detail and address our concerns with the United States Congress.   

“The VFW thanks the nine commission members and staff for staying focused on the reform of existing programs, and for not using the opportunity to merely cut programs or slash compensation.”

Download the MCRMC report at http://www.mcrmc.gov/public/docs/report/MCRMC-FinalReport-29JAN15-LO.pdf.