VFW Gives Veteran a Fresh Start

Veteran receives VFW Unmet Needs grant after losing his job

America promises to take care of its veterans, but too often, many of them fall on hard times following their service. When that happens, the VFW is ready to step in and take action.

After suffering an injury during a temporary duty assignment for the Army, Richard Sanders lost his civilian job. Unable to make ends meet, he took on other work to supplement his income, but it wasn’t enough. Running out of options, he resorted to selling his personal items to cover basic necessities.

Richard felt angry and abandoned.

While researching alternatives to Army Emergency Relief, he stumbled upon the VFW Unmet Needs program. The program would allow Richard to catch his breath. He was approved for an Unmet Needs grant, and things began to turn around.

He took the opportunity to hit the reset button and make a fresh start, which meant moving to a new location and starting a new job.

“My experience has been stellar, I was set up for success, and I am now in a position to pay it forward,” said Richard.

He is now a VFW Life Member and regularly participates in events and races to raise money for various organizations that help veterans.

“I'm forever indebted. The VFW proves to me my fellow veterans will not leave me behind. I can't think of better words,” he said.

Richard’s story is one of success made possible by the VFW Unmet Needs program.

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