VFW Legislative Alert: Congress Must Pass VA Access and Accountability Bill Today!

Take Action!

Background: As a result of the recent VA health care crisis, both Chambers of Congress passed legislation designed to improve timely access for veterans waiting for care. On June 24, a Conference Committee was formed to iron out differences between the two bills.

Today, the bill is stalled in a political discussion about cost. This is unacceptable and continues to put veterans at risk of not receiving timely care. Congress didn't think twice to send service members to war, and they shouldn't think twice about providing care for those they sent to war.

Action Needed: Congress leaves Washington in a few short weeks. We insist they reach a solution and pass a final access and accountability bill before they go home on vacation, so veterans can receive the care they have earned and desperately need. Contact your legislators today and demand they pass a compromised VA Access and Accountability bill today.

The time for talk is over - It is time for action!