Winners of VFW Publications Contest Announced

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—VFW has announced the winners of the 2014 National Publications Contest. Two non-VFW-affiliated journalism professionals served as judges for the competition. This is designed to guarantee impartiality and objectivity in the judging. To reiterate, VFW staffers play no part in judging the entries.

The winning publications in each category are:

 Department Publications

 Large (21,500 or more members)

1st Texas VFW News
Roy Grona, Editor 

 2nd Wisconsin VFW News
Marla J. Morgan, Editor

3rd Illinois VFW News
Barbara Wilson, Editor

Medium (10,000-21,499 members)

1st The Oregon VFW News
Sue Piper, Editor
2nd Nebraska VFW News
John Liebsack, Editor

3rd  Colorado Veteran
 Bruce Dolan, Editor 

 Small (9,999 or fewer members)

1st Utah VFW
Dennis Howland, Editor 

 2nd  Idaho Veterans and Auxiliary News
 Susan Thompson, Editor 

 3rd Montana Veteran 
Timothy C. Peters, Editor 

District Publications

Large (2,600 or more members) 






1st Noise from the 19th (District 19, Illinois)
George Cramer & Linda Sturk, Editors

2nd The Broadside(District 4, Texas)
Jim Haycraft, Editor

3rd Dispatch (District 1, California)
Russell Eseltine, Editor

Medium (1,000-2,599 members)

1st  “No One Does More For Veterans” (District 1, Washington)
James M. Traner, Editor

2nd 3rd District Flash (District 3, Illinois)
Michael DeRoss, Editor

3rd District 16 News (District 16, Oregon)
William Felt, Editor

Small (999 or fewer members)

1st  News Around the Sound (District 2, Washington)
Lois Mezek, Editor

*No other winners in this category.

 Post Publications

Large (190 or more members)

1st VFW 2593 Newsletter (Post 2593, Missouri)
Pam Ecker, Editor

2nd Miller-Long VFW Post 3606 Newsletter (Post 3606, Nebraska)
Jim Rall, Editor

3rd Post 9639 Newsletter (Post 9634, Pennsylvania)
Michael Stephens, Editor

Medium (80-189 members)

1st The Quartermaster’s Page (Post 7829, Colorado)
Bernard Minetti, Editor

2nd VFW Post 7308 (Post 7308, Wisconsin)
Randolph Strickland, Editor

3rd The Connection (Post 12075, Texas)
Jim Haycraft, Editor

Small (79 or fewer members)

1st The Guardian(Post 2554, Washington)
Judy Donahue, Editor

2nd Wake Forest Post 8466 Newsletter (Post 8466, North Carolina)
Dennis Mecum, Editor

3rd Veteran Views (Post 1578, Illinois
Bob Reichert, Editor