VFW Legislative Alert: Join VFW for Senate Hearing on VA Health Care Problems

On Thursday, your VFW will testify before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee about ongoing allegations of veterans dying waiting for VA health care, calling for leadership accountability and proper resources for VA health care. In advance of the hearing, we need you to email your legislators and tell them that this is a serious issue that demands serious attention, and not politics from Congress. Contact your legislators here. If you are in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., or Maryland on Thursday, come to Capitol Hill and join your fellow VFW members in calling for accountability in the VA health care system.

Since the news broke that as many as 40 veterans waiting for appointments may have died in the Phoenix VA health care system alone, neither VA nor Congress has been forthright with the American people about what actually happened in Phoenix and who is responsible. Moreover, new allegations seem to come out every day about VA facilities across the country fudging the numbers on appointment wait times and failing to deliver timely care to veterans.

In an effort to better understand the VA care climate, VFW encouraged members to call the 1-800-VFW-1899 helpline to share their experiences. Hundreds of veterans responded, raising concerns at VA facilities coast to coast, most often reaffirming unreasonable wait times, improper protocols, and inadequate staffing, and insufficient care delivery.

Contact your legislators today and tell them that veterans deserve better, and if you are in the Washington, D.C.-area, join us on Thursday on Capitol Hill.

What: Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Hearing on VA Health Care

When: Thursday, May 15, 2014, 10:00 a.m. Eastern

Where: Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room 106

The Dirksen Senate Office Building is open to the public, but visitors will be subject to airport-style security screening to enter the building.

If you cannot join the VFW on Thursday, tune in online via the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee website by clicking here: http://www.veterans.senate.gov/hearings/the-state-of-va-health-care-051514