A Veterans Day Greeting from the National Commander

Our great country produces a lot of things. But the standout, the strongest, most resilient, honorable, dedicated, committed and true American product will always be the American veteran. Veterans exist to protect our way of life and on Nov. 11, Veterans Day, we join with the hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans across the nation in paying tribute to America’s most selfless citizens.

On Veterans Day we honor those who are dedicated to something bigger than themselves. We honor every man and woman who has proudly worn the uniform of our armed forces and bravely defended America from the many evils of the world. Whether serving here at home or abroad, this elite group of individuals has ensured that we are able to live our daily lives free of tyranny and fear.  

This relatively small group of individuals does not ask for anything from us in return. Our veterans have bravely answered the call to preserve the values upon which our nation was founded and their service should make every American feel a deep sense of pride.

For those currently deployed, we pray for their safe return, and the VFW stands ready to support their families while they are away.    

Our veterans deserve our lasting gratitude and respect. Each and every American veteran has had a significant role in shaping America’s past, our present and undoubtedly, our future.  Though we cannot repay them for their many sacrifices, we must show our appreciation through whatever means possible.     

This Veterans Day, I ask all Americans to join me in focusing your thoughts of thanks to those who fight to protect our way of life. We are truly privileged to have such noble and extraordinary citizens.      

And to my fellow veterans, I thank you for your commitment and extraordinary sacrifice. I’m proud to call you my comrades!

John W. Stroud
VFW Commander-in-Chief