A Special VFW Day Message

On September 29, 1899, a small group of veterans gathered in a tailor shop in Columbus, Ohio to see how they could help surviving veterans of the Spanish-American War. The foundation for the VFW was laid.

In the years that followed, other groups of veterans formed in Colorado and Pennsylvania with the intent of helping surviving veterans from other theatres. These groups would soon merge to create what would become known as the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  

For 114 years, the VFW has fought for veterans, giving them a voice when no one else would. Standing up for generations of service members when others have turned their backs. Lending a hand to military families when they need it the most, fostering patriotism among America’s youth and serving communities nationwide.

We celebrate a long and storied history and take much pride in what we have accomplished over the years — making a true difference in the lives of countless veterans, service members and their families. And, the VFW will continue to fight for veterans as long as there is a need.

As we celebrate our founding 114 years ago, we would like to thank each and every member of the VFW, and those who are no longer with us. It is because of your commitment, your resolve and dedication in continuing to serve your country that has led VFW to become the nation’s leading veterans’ service organization.