Winners of VFW Publications Contest Announced

VFW has announced the winners of the 2012 National Publications Contest. Two non-VFW-affiliated journalism professionals—a local news reporter and copy editor, and an editor for a national magazine—served as judges for the competition. This is designed to guarantee impartiality and objectivity in the judging. To reiterate, VFW staffers play no part in judging the entries.

Because all levels of VFW have seen declining membership in recent years, the small, medium and large qualifications were re-evaluated for the 2011 contest. This year’s competition used the same qualifications as 2011. The winning publications in each category are:


Department Publications  

Large (24,000 or more members)  

1st Texas VFW News

Roy Grona, Editor

2nd Pennsylvania VFW News

David Allen Sandman, Editor

3rd Wisconsin VFW News

William Bottoms, Editor


Medium (10,000-23,999 members)    

1st Oklahoma Combat Veteran

Mike Devenitch, Editor

2nd Georgia VFW News

Wayne Hagan, Editor

3rd Nebraska VFW News

John Liebsack, Editor


Small (9,999 or fewer members)  

1st Utah VFW

Dennis Howland, Editor

2nd The Montana Veteran

      Timothy C. Peters, Editor

3rd  Idaho Veterans and Auxiliary News

      Susan Thompson, Editor


District Publications  

Large (2,100 or more members) 

1st The “Fighting 6th” District News

      (District 6, Minnesota)

Delphine Kelly, Editor

2nd 9’er News

      (District 9, Illinois)

Elton Murphy, Editor

3rd The Broadside

      (District 4, Texas)

Jim Haycraft, Editor

Medium (1,300-2,099 members) 

No Entries in this Category


Small (1,299 or fewer members) 

1st The Battle Cry

      (District 2, Florida)

      Carl J. Duncan, Editor

2nd Freedom Crier

      (District 3, Oklahoma)

Michael A. Kennerson, Editor

3rd District 9

      (District 9, Oregon)

Dennis R. Marsh, Editor


Post Publications  
 Large (180 or more members) 

1st VFW Post 1038 News (Post 1038, Wisconsin)

Leroy G. Jansky, Editor

2nd Post Intelligencer

      (Post 806, Minnesota)

Patricia Okafor, Editor

3rd VFW Post 382 Newspaper

      (Post 382, Oklahoma)

Glenn Thurmond, Editor


Medium (100-179 members)  

1st VFW Post 2016 News

      (Post 2016, Massachusetts)

Dennis “Ski” Iworsky, Editor

2nd VFW Post 404 Newsletter

      (Post 404, Arizona)

Elaine Martin, Editor

3rd Patriot Paper (Post 5917, Wisconsin)

Dennis Eis, Editor


Small (99 or fewer members)  

1st VFW Post 3258 Newsletter

      (Post 3258, Pennsylvania)

William Malone, Editor

2nd The Hotline (Post 2609, Minnesota)

Vern Wehlage, Editor

3rd Marshall VFW News

      (Post 10510, Wisconsin)

Bernard Olson, Editor