The debt deal's done ' now what'

A letter to VFW members, VFW Ladies Auxiliary and Supporters

Dear VFW, Ladies Auxiliary and Supporters:  

The president this afternoon signed congressional legislation to raise the federal debt limit and reduce government spending.  The larger question is now how this all impacts veterans, service members, their families and survivors.   

The measure passed by the Senate today and in the House yesterday will raise the $14.3 trillion debt limit by at least $2.1 trillion.  An additional $500 billion could come in the fall, provided two-thirds of Congress approves.  The final increase, expected early next year, would provide the Treasury enough borrowing power to pay its bills into 2013.   

The deal also calls for sharp cuts in agency spending — about $917 billion over the next decade — starting with a $25 billion reduction in fiscal year 2012, which begins Oct. 1, with a second set of reductions coming later this year via a special committee charged with wringing at least $1.2 trillion more over the next decade.  If the committee fails to act — or if Congress does not adopt its recommendations by Dec. 23 — government spending would be cut across the board by the same amount, with the reductions split 50:50 between security and non-security programs.   

Either way, many DOD and VA programs and services could be negatively impacted, which would counteract everything the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. has worked hard to create over the past 112 years.  The VFW and our supporters cannot let this happen.   

On the VFW website is a list of 10 services and programs the organization believes are most vulnerable to being cut or curtailed in order to help pay for 10 years of war.  The "10 for 10" list will form the basis of VFW's legislative efforts and calls to action to its membership and grassroots supporters. Now is the time to re-engage with your members of of Congress. 

Yours in Comradeship, 


Executive Director 
VFW Washington Office