Operation Uplink's 4th of July 'Free Call Day'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This July 4th, troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait can call the U.S for free for a full 24 hours in honor of Independence Day, courtesy of Sport Clips, beginning at 12:01AM July 4, 2010 and ending at 11:59PM July 4, 2010 (Eastern Standard Time).

Free Call Days are available at more than 800 MWR internet cafes using SPAWAR located on military installations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Dialing Instructions for Soldiers Overseas: 
To place a call, use regular dialing procedures using your SPAWAR prepaid PIN, if you do not have a PIN number, you can obtain one from the cafe manager. You will hear the sponsor announcement informing you that your call is FREE. 

Feedback is welcomed and encouraged from participants!