Winners of VFW Publications Contest Announced

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — VFW has announced the winners of the 2010 National Publications Contest. Two full-time journalism professionals served as judges for the competition. The winning publications in each category are:

Department Publications
Large (25,000 or more members)
1st: Texas VFW News
Roy Grona, Editor

2nd: Massachusetts VFW News
Richard E. Slowey, Editor

3rd: VFW Wisconsin News
William Knudson, Editor

Medium (11,000-24,999 members)
1st: Oklahoma Combat Veteran
Michael H. Devenitch, Editor

2nd: The Oregon VFW News
Sue Piper, Editor

3rd: Georgia VFW News
Albert R. Spears, Editor

Small (10,999 or fewer members)
1st: Utah VFW
Dennis Howland, Editor

2nd: The Montana Veteran
Larry H. Longfellow, Editor

3rd: South Dakota Overseas Veteran
Linda Nelson, Editor

District Publications
Large (4,000 or more members)
1st: The Sentinel (District 2, New York)
Arthur Hanley, Editor

2nd: Dispatch (District 1, California)
Vicki Sprague, Editor

3rd: 4th District Navigator (District 4, Illinois)
Russell Meredith, Editor

Medium (2,500-3,999 members)
1st: District 3 Guidon (District 3, Georgia)
John E. Bogardus, Jr., Editor

2nd: The “Fighting 6th” District News
(District 6, Minnesota)
Delphine Kelly, Editor

3rd: 9’er News (District 9, Illinois)
Elton Murphy, Editor

Small (2,499 or fewer members)
1st: Double One Newswire
(District 11, Colorado)
John Loring, Editor

2nd: The Untouchable News
(District 2, Illinois)
Robert J. Drzewiecki, Editor

3rd: District 6 Newsletter
(District 6, Idaho)
George Peacock, Editor

Post Publications
Large (300 or more members)
1st: Woodstock VFW News
(Post 5040, Illinois)
Matthew Klos, Editor

2nd: Bugle Newsletter
(Post 2111, California)
Russ Eseltine, Editor

3rd: Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 131
(Post 131, Nebraska)
Wilbur Bechtolt, Editor

Medium (200-299 members)
1st: VFW News
(Post 2976, Oklahoma)
Bill and Candy Richey, Editors

2nd: The John Lyon Gazette
(Post 3150, Virginia)
J. Gary Wagner, Editor

3rd: Newsletter (Post 9639, Pennsylvania)
Randy Eckert, Editor

Small (199 or fewer members)
1st: VFW Post 7507 (Post 7507, Arizona)
Michael Smith, Editor

2nd: VFW Post 2016 News
(Post 2016, Massachusetts)
Ski Iworsky, Editor

3rd: VFW Post 1038 News
(Post 1038, Wisconsin)
Leroy G. Jansky, Editor