VFW Unmet Needs Assists Family with Home Repair

VFW steps in when a bad situation turns worse.

VFW National Military Services Update  

Sgt. Todd Plybon was serving in Afghanistan when a plumbing leak threatened to ruin his family’s home. The leak was so severe it caused significant damage to the floor supports under the kitchen. Todd’s wife, Tara, recalled there being a "literal hill from the sink to the kitchen table. If you dropped a marble on the floor, it rolled downhill."

Unfortunately, the Plybons’ situation would only get worse. Todd returned from Afghanistan after sustaining life-threatening injuries, including one affecting his right leg. The floor was now not only physically damaged; it was a true obstacle for Todd. "I was always worried Todd might trip on it," explained Tara.

The Plybons fixed the plumbing leak, but they needed help with the floor repair costs. As members of VFW and its Ladies Auxiliary, Todd and Tara were aware of VFW’s Unmet Needs program. They applied for assistance, hoping to receive some good news after all of their troubles.

It didn’t take long. VFW Unmet Needs approved their application.

Tara became ecstatic when she heard the news. "I literally screamed with joy. Then I welled up with tears at the kindness," she said. "My husband couldn’t believe we were accepted."

Shortly after, the Plybons’ floor was repaired. Their home was saved, and Todd could recover there at ease.

The Plybons couldn’t be more grateful for the Unmet Needs program. "It was such a relief. The turnaround was very fast, and it was a seamless process," said Tara. "We can’t thank the VFW enough."