VFW Salutes US Navy for 235 Years of Service

A sailor's willingness to serve is a tribute to their selfless sense of duty

A Sailor’s willingness to serve is a tribute to their selfless sense of duty.  Because of them, our nation is free…and for that, today and everyday Americans owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.   

The record of service of the Navy is a mile long and twice as deep. The U.S. Naval Forces have served with distinction in every war proving to be the most formidable force on the high seas. The resolve and fortitude of the men and women of the Navy have helped lead America to victory to maintain the values and principles of freedom for well over two centuries. 

When called upon by our nation, they have served with remarkable courage and valor. Today, citizens have a newly discovered respect for those who serve in uniform, who serve on America’s front lines of freedom, those who are asked to serve in harm’s way. There is no better truth than to say never before have so many owed so much to so few. 

As Navy personnel celebrate their 235-year history of service to the nation, the 2.1 million members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and its Auxiliaries want to say 'thank you.' We are proud of our Sailors and salute them for continuing to protect our freedoms and defend world peace.