VFW Launches New and Improved Website

Overall, the new site will provide a unique and enjoyable user experience

With its great influence on veterans’ legislation, nationally acclaimed youth scholarship programs, highly skilled network of service officers, array of distinctive troop support programs, and stellar record of service to local communities across America, VFW has taken on many roles throughout its 111 year history.  

However, being the multifaceted organization that VFW has grown to become, there are many misconceptions and confusion among the military community and civilian population as to who exactly we are and what it is we do. Furthermore, as America continues to welcome home a new generation of combat veterans and demand for VFW’s programs and services heightens, VFW’s need to define itself to the masses in a clear and concise manner is imperative.   

Today, a mission such as this is best accomplished online, and for VFW, a complete website overhaul is the weapon of choice. 

The new www.vfw.org officially launched, Oct. 13, 2010. 

The new site, reintroduces the organization to the world, making clear exactly what it is – the nation’s largest and most established organization of combat veterans, capable of assisting millions of service members and veterans each year through its advocacy efforts and programs.  It also clarifies what exactly VFW does by breaking down its many aspects into a more engaging and user-friendly format.    

The new site explores the many different facets of the VFW by offering visitors a glimpse into the VFW legacy and providing in-depth information on all VFW programs and legislative efforts geared to assist our nation’s veterans, troops and military families. Those interested in supporting our nation’s heroes can donate safely and securely to the organization, and a simplified navigation allows visitors to find the information they’re seeking with ease. 

Overall, the new site will provide a unique and enjoyable user experience for members, friends and supporters alike, and serve to educate America on VFW’s mission and the importance of its existence in today’s world.  

If you are a VFW member, log into the new vfw.org for a tutorial on navigating the new website.