Don't Forget to Fly the Flag on Father's Day

While flipping through the pages of the VFW calendar in 2006, Hughes, a member of VFW Post 3650, Riverdale, Ga., noticed something peculiar. The calendar, which denotes official days to fly the flag, had Mother’s Day marked … but not Father’s Day. 

Convinced the absence of Father’s Day was but a misprint, Hughes called VFW to inform them of their mistake. Much to his surprise, it was not a mistake at all. Father’s Day was not included in the Federal Flag Code’s list of official "Display the Flag" days. 

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Hughes, a retired chaplain assistant from Desert Shield and Desert Storm. “Soldiers have always fought for freedom, even when they didn’t have shoes. And for the most part, they were men … they were fathers. 

To ensure these heroes deserved the honor and recognition of the flag, Hughes sprung into action. While at a town hall meeting with his district’s congressman, U.S. Rep. David Scott, he told of the injustice. 

Scott proceeded to introduce legislation H.R. 2356 in the House to amend the Federal Flag Code. Two years later, on June 8, President Bush signed the bill, thereby making Father’s Day an official flag display day—just in time for the holiday on June 15. 

“I was thrilled!” said Hughes, upon hearing the news. “It was the best thing for our country and nation. I couldn’t have been more delighted.”