June 6, 1944: D-Day 64th Anniversary

June 6, 1944, forever changed the course of history. On that day, Allied forces faced their biggest challenge ever as more than 150,000 Allied troops inched their way from their landing craft to 200 yards inland.

Little did they know what awaited them: HELL.

In open waters and zero cover, German soldiers took target practice at the Allies, mowing them down with round after round of machine gun and artillery fire. When it was over, there were more than 10,000 causalities and 4,000 dead. 

Sand-colored beaches turned into crimson tide; bodies littered the beaches. Yet, the Allies refused to give in to Hitler and became the spoiler to his dream.

Though it would be nearly a year before Allies would declare victory over Hitler and Nazi Germany, D-Day will long be remembered as the most decisive battle in Europe.