Winners of VFW Publications Contest Announced

KANSAS CITY, Mo. VFW has announced the winners of the 2008 National Publications Contest. Two full-time freelance writers served as judges for the competition.

The winning publications in each category are:

Department Publications
1st The California Veteran
John G. Lowe, Editor
2nd Wisconsin VFW News
William Knudson, Editor
3rd Pennsylvania VFW News
John Brenner and John Getz, Editors

1st Tennessee VFW News
Ronnie Davis and John Furgess, Editors
2nd The Oregon VFW News
Sue Piper, Editor
3rd Nebraska VFW News
Gary Steckelberg, Editor

1st Pacific Typhoon
Frank Hilliard, Editor
2nd Idaho Veterans and Ladies Auxiliary News
Susan Thompson, Editor
3rd South Dakota Overseas Veteran
Linda Nelson, Editor

District Publications
1st The Fighting 6th District News (District 6, Minnesota)
Delphine Kelly, Editor

1st Notes and Quotes (District 3, New York)
Arnold Anderson, Editor
2nd VFW 2nd District News (District 2, Wisconsin)
James Paar, Editor
3rd 9’er News (District 9, Illinois)
Elton Murphy

1st Volunteers in Focus (District 1, Washington)
Ruth Herren and Ron Haley, Editors
2nd Newsletter (District 5, Georgia)
James Closs, Editor
3rd The Untouchable News (District 2, Illinois)
Robert Drzewiecki, Editor

Post Publications
1st The Tucson Veteran (Post 549, Arizona)
Johnnie Hoskins, Editor
2nd Sentry (Post 3579, Illinois)
Orlando Kienzle, Editor
3rd Post 788 News (Post 788, Iowa)
John Toomey, Editor

1st Warrior Shimbun (Post 9612, Pacific)
Joseph Mortimer, Editor
2nd Santa Fe Express (Post 846, Kansas)
Ray Calore, Editor
3rd Dokken’s Doings (Post 2118, South Dakota)
Kris Struwe, Editor

1st Post 7507 Newsletter (Post 7507, Arizona)
Ralph Truax and Michael Smith, Editors
2nd VFW Post 2016 (Post 2016, Massachusetts)
Dennis “Ski” Iworsky, Editor
3rd The Forsyth Post (Post 9143, Georgia)
Michael McMahon, Editor