Veterans & Military Support Program Chair Tools

As a Veteran & Military Support program chair, you play a vital role in our organization. In many cases, our VFW programs are the first introduction a service member or veteran has with the organization. Your role as a chair is both important, and multi-faceted. 

To help you perform your role, we've compiled the forms and reports you use most frequently in one place. 

To download the report or file, simply click the file name below. If you run into any issues or can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact Mark Herron, Assistant Director, Veterans & Military Support (Programs), at

Monthly Reports

VFW National Headquarters Staff and Responsibilities

VMS Donation Link

  • Donate to VFW Programs - Make your Post/District/Department donation here to ensure the All-American requirement is fulfilled

VMS Chair Form/Contact List/Monthly Report

  • VMS Chair Contact Form - Whether you're newly appointed or just need to update your email address, make sure we know how to reach you
  • Department VMS Chair List - This is a list that includes contact information for all current Veterans & Military Support Department Chairs 
  • VMS Chair Monthly Report - This monthly report, that should be submitted by the 15th, helps tell us what events are going on in your Department

Legacy Citation of Merit Instructions

Military Working/War Dog Citation

  • Military Working/War Dog Citation - Step-by-step instructions on how to order the Military Working War Dog citation to recognize their service, bravery and devotion to their fellow troops

Additional Forms