Priscilla Giddings

Priscilla was raised on a small, family ranch in White Bird, Idaho and graduated from Salmon River High School in Riggins where she was the valedictorian and student body president. A four-sport athlete in high school, she was recruited onto the track and field team at the Air Force Academy where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. She then attended pilot training and went on to be selected to fly a fighter aircraft, the A-10 Warthog. Upon completing fighter training at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, she was the only one in her class to be awarded “Top Gun,” a weapons employment precision award. She followed her A-10 assignment with a career-broadening assignment flying intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions in the MC-12.Priscilla Giddings

Priscilla deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom three times. She has flown gliders, C-182s, DA-20s, T-6s, T-38s, A-10s, and MC-12s and has logged a thousand combat hours and was awarded 9 air medals. While serving overseas, she was able to continue her education and complete a Masters of Science in physiology from the California University of Pennsylvania.

Looking back on the nearly thousand hours she spent flying through the skies of Afghanistan, there are lots of battlefield stories worth sharing. There was the time when hundreds of Taliban were neutralized at the battle of Do Ab which turned into a 13 hour fight for our guys on the ground. The joint terminal attack controller who had actually served in the Idaho Air National Guard at Gowen previously, called in strikes from 14 different airframes from all 4 services. On several occasions her team provided coverage during the Kabul embassy attacks. One time she had an engine failure 150 miles south of Kabul, which made her thankful for 2 engines. She spent many hours providing overwatch after a Chinook was shot out of the sky with a rocket propelled grenade killing 17 Navy SEALs from SEAL Team 6, among others. And she distinctly remembers starting up her engines one cool, dark morning, when she watched an Osprey taxi by carrying Osama Bin Laden’s body.

Those were the reasons why we kept an American flag in the front windscreen of our airplanes – a constant reminder of the meaning of the red, white and blue. And those are the memories behind why she flies a flag on her front porch to this day.

She separated from active duty in July 2014 and joined the Idaho Air National Guard as an Air Liaison Officer for the 124th Air Support Operations Squadron. She currently serves in the Air Force Reserves as the Director of Idaho Admissions Liaisons for the Air Force Academy and ROTC.

After separating from active duty, Priscilla set about defending freedom in Idaho through local politics. She volunteered as an aide in the Idaho State Senate during the 2015 session. After the legislative session ended, she accepted a position with U.S. Senator Mike Crapo as his Idaho campaign field director. 

Priscilla attributes her strong desire to serve locally from her experiences while serving in Afghanistan. Through many different combat experiences, she realized the importance of our unique constitutional freedoms here in America and felt that while she was trying to help garner freedoms for the Afghanis, those same freedoms were being lost at home.

She was elected in November to the Idaho House of Representatives for District 7A. She represents 45,000 Idahoans covering 18,000 square miles of land and currently serves on the Local Government, Resources & Conservation, and State Affairs committees. She unseated the incumbent in the primary election and then won the general election with 70% of the vote against her challenger.

She volunteered to revive the Air Force Academy’s Idaho Association Of Graduates Alumni Chapter by assuming duties as the President and leading the chapter to its first Distinguished Chapter award in 2016. She volunteers as a World Powerlifting Congress referee, she completed the Boise Ironman 70.3 in 2013, and she partners with Compassion International as a sponsor for two poverty stricken children from Central America. Her civilian occupation as a corporate/contract pilot takes her around the US and this past summer she subcontracted for the US Forest Service spotting wildfires in the Clearwater National Forest in Northern Idaho. She continues to travel throughout Idaho as a motivational speaker highlighting the importance of “Strong Women.”

She has been very thankful for VFW members who have encouraged her throughout her Air Force career. Her local VFW chapter has been very supportive of all her political aspirations. She has been impressed with her Post’s commitment to encouraging students in rural communities to excel and serve. She looks forward to giving back as a Lifetime member of the VFW.

Major Priscilla “Altoid” Giddings
U.S. Air Force Reserves
VFW Post 4902, Cottonwood, Idaho 



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