Linda Johnson

I spent 24 years in the military; 8 years on active duty, 6 years in the Reserves and 10 years in the Air National Guard. I've spent time stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, and Robbins, AFB in Warner Robbins, Georgia.Linda Johnson Insert

I was called up to active duty in January 1991 for Desert Storm. I was stationed in the country of Oman during Desert Storm at a contingency hospital. We had several surgery rooms, x-ray department, a dental clinic, an emergency department, hospital rooms, a medical records department, psychologists and everything else that a hospital would have in the United States.

We did not see any war casualties but we did perform emergency surgeries. We lived in tents; separate ones for enlisted and officers, and separate ones for women and men. We had tents for showers and restrooms, of course separate ones for women and men.

The Air National Unit I belonged to went to Peru for a medical tour. We performed physicals, eye exams, and gave out medicine. We would set up a clinic in several different locations and saw 5,000 people in only eight days. We provided eye glasses to several people. 

Linda Johnson, E-8
Retired Air Force
Medical Service Technician


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