Grace Johnson

I served as an accounting & finance officer from Dec. 31, 1968, to July 19, 1978, and was Captain when released from active duty.  My assignments were at Davis-Monthan AFB; Kimpo AB, South Korea where we all observed a curfew from midnight to 4 a.m. so infiltrators from North Korea could be apprehended; Grissom AFB; Kirtland AFB and Elmendorf AFB.Grace Johnson Insert

My most interesting jobs were converting U.S. currency to/from Military Payment Certificates for all arriving/departing U.S. military personnel assigned throughout South Korea. While I was in Alaska, we sent all paychecks to the remote radar sites, as well as the currency to cash them which involved meeting armored car at 5 a.m. year round. I counted lots of cash during these two assignments.

After I was released from active duty, I helped the Colorado Air National Guard (COANG) defend their airspace for training against complaints by Tom Redmond, Australian owner of Aussie hair products, the Custer County Colorado Action group who joined Redmond's complaints and another group around Crestone, Colo., that also made up stories about COANG pilots flying under 100 feet above ground while leaving contrails across the sky.

While with the Colorado Air National Guard, I wrote many letters defending COANG and even told politicians that those who interfere with military training can deservedly take the blame for our troops dying in combat. Thankfully, the conclusion reached in the "Colorado Airspace Initiative" study allowed the COANG to continue using the disputed airspace for training.

Serving in South Korea gave me an undying appreciation for the incredible United States of America, a country unparalleled in freedom and unlimited opportunity for those willing to work hard.


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