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January 2014

  • Service in Your State: Complete Contact Information for VFW Department Service Officers
  • VFW Names Organization Spokesman
  • VFW: Committed to the Missing
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  • November/December 2013

  • Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans Are Not 'Victims'
  • Fury on Grenada
  • Combat in the Somalia Sinkhole
  • Preserving the Veterans Legacy
  • October 2013

  • 'Presence' Meant Combat in Beirut: Lebanon, 1982-1984
  • Downing of Marine Choppers Brings War Home
  • Inspiring American's Veterans
  • Leading the Organization
Sept small
  • September 2013

  • Students Learn the Meaning of Sacrifice
  • Arising from the Ashes: St. Louis Records Center Starts Anew
  • Find Common Ground: Vets and Non-Vets Collaborate on Campus
  • Recent War Vets Begin to Tell Their Stories
Aug 2013
  • August 2013

  • VA: Getting the Word Out on Benefits
  • 'Guerilla Warfare at Sea': Persian Gulf: 1987-88
  • Vietnam Vet Dedicates Life to Medals Search
  • Underage Doughboys Fought in the 'Great War'
  • Veteran Stereotypes Misguided
June/July 2013 cover small
  • June/July 2013

  • Korean War Vets: Subtle But Significant Influence in Society
  • Pro Players Few and Far Between in Korea
  • Korean War Vets Made Their Names on Screen
  • Korea Saw Multiple Siblings Serve
May 2013 Small
  • May 2013

  • Veterans Portrayed in Film, Part III
  • Gettysburg: Numbers Tell the Story
  • The Civil War Soldier: A Demographic Portrait
  • Boys in Battle: Civil War Youngsters Earn Fame
  • The 64 Who Never Came Home
April small
  • April 2013

  • Afghanistan, 2011-2012: A Combat Chronology
  • Part II: Veterans Portrayed on Film
  • Sports Stars Turned Doughboys 'Over There'
  • Business Initiatives Help Veterans Find Jobs
  • Thresher: Cold War Casualty
  • March 2013

  • Depicting the War Veteran on Film: Part I
  • Warriors as Olympians: War Vets Demonstrate Skills on the Athletic Fields
  • 'Always Ready, Always There': The Army National Guard in Iraq, 2003-11
  • Claims Quandary: Putting a Dent in the Disability Backlog
  • 'King of Battle' on Display: The U.S. Army Artillery Museum
Feb 2013
  • February 2013

  • 'Last Days Some of the Best Ones Die'
  • 1973: U.S. Military Actions & Hostile Deaths in Indochine
  • 'Until They Are Home': MIA Mission Continues After 40 Years
  • 'No Braver, Selfless Act'
  • Quadruple Amputees Overcome Horrific Odds
  • January 2013

  • Wounded Warrior Dinners Present Healing Connections
  • WWII Re-Enactment Delights Spectators
  • How Well Do You Know VFW Eligibility?
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