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Readers are urged to help these vets seeking claim substantiation statements. Respond directly to the person listed at the end of the claim assistance request. This service is provided for VFW members who are in the process of filing a VA claim.

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If you need assistance in preparing a claim, contact your local VFW Service Officer located at VA medical centers and regional offices. See National Veterans Services for a complete listing.

November/December Issue Claims



22nd Bomb Wing, March AFB, CES Squadron, 1964-65—Seeking anyone who served with me in roads and grounds when civilian employee was killed in landslide to substantiate PTSD claim.—Charles Davis, (310) 995-9506, card2cd@aol.com

USS Ranger, VF-154, Miramar, Calif., 1969-73—Anyone who served in the Navy medical division who remembers me hurting my back while loading bombs to substantiate medical claim.—Edward Lamar Holland, (228) 493-0949

H Co., 34th Regt., 24th Inf. Div., Dec. 3, 1955—Seeking anyone who served with me and remembers witnessing an accident at Nightmare Range on that date to substantiate medical claim.—Dayton H. Davis, (269) 544-0171, rannybev30@gmail.com

North Vietnam, Army, July 15, 1970-Oct. 22, 1972—Seeking anyone who remembers me and can verify use of Agent Orange to substantiate medical claim.—Charles Wayne Wickliffe, (310) 878-2353, cwickliffe1@gmail.com

8th Field Maint. Sqdn., RTAFB, Ubon, Thailand, Oct. 1968-Oct. 1969—Seeking anyone who served with me who has pictures of the C-123 called Ranch Hand on Thailand bases to help substantiate Agent Orange and diabetes claim. –Harry J. Sweeney, (304) 965-0345, sweeneyhj81@yahoo.com

379th Sig. or 29th Sig., 1971—Seeking anyone who served with me to substantiate medical claim for Agent Orange.—Jeffrey Lynn Bisel, (517) 490-6623, sheilaandjeff@live.com

IUGW-2, Unit 23, Qui Nhon, Vietnam, May-Dec. 1966—Seeking anyone who served with me to substantiate diabetes claim.—Dan R. Bixby, (989) 865-6801, stcusbc@charter.net

HHC 4th Bde., 1st Cav Div., 5th Army, Ft. Hood, Texas, Dec. 1970-Feb. 1972—Seeking anyone who served with me to help substantiate PTSD claim.—Robert M. Coffey, (419) 633-0159

Travis AFB, BBOO, 60 Aerial Port, SQ Mac, Aug. 30, 1969-April 15, 1972—Seeking anyone who remembers Dennis L. King in Vietnam or Korea during this time to substantiate Agent Orange claim.—Cindy King, (337) 463-8436

514 QM Co., 240th QM Bn., Qui Nhon, Vietnam, June 1967-June 1968, Tet Offensive—Seeking any Vietnam veteran with essential thrombocythemia to substantiate Agent Orange presumption. –Barry Halem, (727) 579-4427

USS Intrepid, G Division, Vietnam 1968—Seeking G.R. Peterson or any fellow shipmates who remember Peterson being severely injured from a 500 lb. bomb in the ammunition room below deck.—Roger Collette, (508) 755-1906, collette47@charter.net