Join The Challenge

Today is the day to stand up for what you believe in. For the last several decades, too many veterans have returned home from bravely protecting our freedom, only to find that their service is undervalued. Their sacrifice, forgotten.

America's veterans are struggling to secure jobs. They're waiting years for their VA claims to be processed. The benefits they've earned are consistently threatened by budget cuts.

The VFW is here for veterans. WE CHALLENGE:

 VA to provide more benefits for veterans and end the backlog.
 Congress to pass veterans’ legislation and properly fund veterans’ programs.
 Employers to hire veterans.
 America to support our veterans.

And now, we’re calling on you to join us! Stand strong with the 1.4 million members of the nation’s largest organization of combat veterans.

For just $45, your VFW membership helps to ensure our numbers stay strong in the fight to protect all that you've earned. Without a strong VFW, who will continue the fight for veterans?

Join today and you’ll receive a branch of service challenge coin as our gift to you!

22 million veterans. 5 branches of service. 1 VFW to unite us all.