VFW Helps Veteran with Disability Claim in Record Time

'Without the VFW, the process would have gone beyond my retirement date and being off active duty would have made the process much more difficult'

Navy Commander Ronald Seits expected to sail smoothly into retirement after 20 years of active duty and ten in the reserve. During his career, he deployed all over the world including Qatar, Iraq, and three tours in Afghanistan. After he experienced some medical issues, he was surprised by the Navy’s request that he retire within six months of hospitalization.

Not only did he need to meet with a VFW Service Officer quickly, but he needed to do it fast enough to get all his retirement requirements done in four months.

“The VFW Service Officers’ skills and services are so valuable that they are often booked months in advance. Months would not have worked for me, I needed help right away,” Seits relayed.

But there was good news in store for Seits. VFW Pre-Discharge Claims Representative Daniel Fletcher squeezed Seits in his schedule within a month. Even with his heavy workload, Fletcher was extremely thorough and helpful.

“He took care of everything having to do with my VA claim. Without the VFW, the process would have gone beyond my retirement date and being off active duty would have made the process much more difficult,” Seits said. 

Fletcher knows the trials all too well as a seasoned veteran himself. He served more than 16 years in the United States Marine Corps and retired as a gunnery sergeant. After traveling the world and completing two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he approached his own VA disability claim alone.

“I went through the horror stories and wasn’t aware at the time that there were advocates to assist me. When I found the VFW Pre-Discharge Claims Representative position, I told myself I would do my best to ensure that what happened to me, would not happen to someone else,” Fletcher explained. 

Seits found Fletcher to be an expert in his knowledge and background on all the necessary forms and how to fill them out in the VA’s language. He is confident that all VFW Service Officers and Pre-Discharge Claims Representatives are equipped to help veterans receive the health benefits to which they are entitled. Both he and Fletcher recommend all veterans get help with claims, and early if possible. 

“Reach out to a VFW Service Officer early in the process, at least 6-12 months before retiring. I thank Fletcher and the VFW for taking care of me in my time of need,” Seits said. 

“All veterans should be aware of this invaluable service that is available to them. There are organizations who will charge you for assistance and cannot actually assist you if things go wrong. The VFW’s service is free, and you’ve earned it. Please take advantage of it,” Fletcher echoed.