Action Corps Victories

Ongoing: Continued efforts to get comprehensive caregiver support for all generations of veterans. Ongoing support for those veterans exposed to Agent Orange while serving at sea.
June 2016: Nearly 13,000 emails, letters and messages were sent opposing the privatization of the VA. More than half of VFW members surveyed have reported that they prefer their care at the VA, even when they have other options, and would also recommend it to their fellow veterans. 
July 2015: Contacted members of Congress 10,000 times to ensure elimination of the 1% COLA penalty for future military retiree’s. 
May 2015: More than 5,000 advocates sent nearly 12,000 emails and letters to win passage of a matching contribution for military service member’s Thrift Savings Plan retirement account.   
April 2015: Nearly 10,000 people mobilized through the Action Corps to successfully demand full funding for the VA’s budget ensuring no veteran is forgotten. 
February 2015: Pressured Congress to pass the Clay Hunt SAV Act which funds vital suicide prevention programs.   
September 2014: Congress updated the VFW’s charter to reflect the service of women in the military. More than 5,600 emails and letters were sent to Congress by our members and supporters.