Homeland Security & War on Terrorism

America’s homeland is no longer exempt from terrorist attacks. Therefore, it is important to take the fight to the enemy and prevent them from mobilizing their efforts against the United States and our allies. The VFW continues to encourage the U.S. government to take decisive and offensive action wherever this threat exists, and provide the resources necessary to fight and win the war on terrorism.

Illegal immigration is a monumental threat to our homeland security. Tens of thousands enter the U.S. undetected every year. The official estimate is that the U.S. Border Patrol intercepts only one out of every four illegal border crossers. Although the majority of the crossings occur at the southern border with Mexico, the entire U.S. border must be protected, including the ports and shoreline. Along with those seeking economic relief are terrorist elements committed to destroy America and harm its citizens. The VFW calls for increased efforts and resources to halt the flow of undocumented aliens and secure all ports of entry.