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Nov/Decbig cover

November/December 2012

  • Giving Meaning to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • At the Brink: Cuba 1962
  • 'Into the Teeth of the Tiger'
  • Rural Health Realities: There's No Place Like Home
  • A Final Salute
Oct Small Cover 2012
  • October 2012

  • Obama and Romney Square Off on Key Issues
  • Presidential Contenders Make Their Cases to VFW Delegates
  • Korea's DMZ: Hostile Actions, 1945-49 and 1954-94
  • Serving Veterans is a Lifetime Commitment
  • Convention Competition Winners
September cover 2012
  • September 2012

  • Belonging to an 'Unwanted Club': Gold Star Families Cope With Loss
  • America's First Family: Powells Offer 17 Sons to the Revolution
  • VA's DNA Database Will Help Future Vets
  • The M-16: America's Black Rifle
  • Antietam: America's Deadliest Day
aug 2012 small
  • August 2012

  • 'Victory or Death': Ancient Olympic Sports
  • The Battle of Athens: Ex-WWII GIs Battle for the Ballot
  • Without Firing a Shot: Occupation Duty as VFW Qualifier
  • M-1 Garand Rifle: 'The Greatest Battle Implement Ever Devised'
june/july 2012 small
  • June/July 2012

  • At the Pinnacle of Heroism: The Medal of Honor
  • 'What I had Long WIshed to be--a Soldier': Boys in Arms
  • Hill 48: A Battle for Con Thien
  • Canada Commemorates War of 1812 in a Big Way
  • Bristol Offers a 'Unique American Experience'
2012 may cover small
  • May 2012

  • Memorials Salute Afghanistan and Iraq Fallen
  • Finding Solace in the Soil Leads to Livelihood
  • Homestead Act Allows Vets to Live Off Land
  • Civil War Vets Helped Popularize the National Pastime
  • Vietnam Fallen Not Forgotten in Quincy
0412 cover small
  • April 2012

  • How are Recent War Vets Portrayed in Popular Culture?
  • From the War Front to the Job Front: Perils of the Wounded
  • Military Suicides Remain Perplexing
  • Trapdoor Breechloader Sustains Army Through Indian Campaigns
  • Pheasant Hunt in South Dakota
3-12 cover small
  • March 2012

  • Iraq: A U.S. Combat Chronology 2003-2011
  • Iraq War Casualties
  • Iraq and Afghanistan: The iPod Wars
  • Battling for the 'City of the Dead'
  • 73rd Cav Takes it to the Turki Bowl
2-12 cover small
  • February 2012

  • Robotic Limbs Restore Mobility for Disabled Vets
  • A Family Affair: Multiple Siblings Go to War
  • Pop Culture Created Soundtrack to Vietnam War
  • Tackling Tangwon-ni
  • Shoulder Arms in America's War: Rifle in the Civil War
1-12 Cover Small
  • January 2012

  • Treasuring Military Memorabilia
  • Mexican War Vet Wages Deadliest Gun Fight in American History
  • Navy SEALs Got Their Start 50 Years Ago
  • GIs Soaked up Tunes in the '50s
  • Vet Views on Society and Service

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