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November/December 2011 Cover

November/December 2011

  • Veterans Day--New York Style
  • Soviet Communism's Downfall 20 Years Ago
  • 'A Glorious Time for Songs and Fighter Pilots': Music During WWII
  • Who Was the Most Decorated U.S. Serviceman of WWI?
  • War of 1812 Sees First Official Shoulder Arm: The Model 1795 Musket
oct 2011 small
  • October 2011

  • 'Bent but not Broken': VFW Offers Relief in the Wake of Destruction
  • 'Better for the Bottom Line': Hiring Veterans
  • 'No Gap in Care': VA & DoD Electronic Records Sharing
  • Acupuncture: Ancient Therapy for teh 21st Century
  • Walter Reed Closure Ends an Era
Sept11 Cover Small NEW
  • September 2011

  • Major Unit Casualties and 10 Sing Deadliest Hostile U.S. Actions
  • 9/11 Memorials Honor Heroes and Victims
  • Heroes of Afghanistan
  • A Deadly Day at Combat Outpost Keating
  • Female Engagement Teams
august 2011 small new
  • August 2011

  • From 'Boots to Books': Adapting to College Life
  • GI Bills Offered Varying Benefits
  • Berlin Crisis, 1961
  • America's Advisory War in Vietnam, 1962-64: A GI's Combat Chronology
  • Was Texas' War of Independence an American War?
june july cover small NEW
  • June/July 2011

  • What is an American?
  • Succeeding Through 'Entrepreneurship Boot Camps'
  • Military Mortgages: Know Your Rights
  • Working Together to 'Return the Favor'
  • WWI Tunes 'Belonged to Ordinary Americans'
May 2011 cover past
  • May 2011

  • America's Last WWI Vet Dies
  • 'Do What's Right' for America's Veterans
  • Re-energizing Posts: Is Social Media the Answer?
  • Speed Saves: Combat Medicine Redefined
april 2011 small new
  • April 2011

  • Redefining Mental Health for Younger Vets
  • 'My Dream Come True': Hunting Pheasant
  • 'Our Third War'
  • 'A Musical War' (Music & War: Part I)
march 2011 cover
  • March 2011

  • Hounding the Taliban: 203rd Combat Engineers in Afghanistan
  • Women in War
  • Recent War Widows Helping Each Other
  • Veterans Courts Offer Second Chance
Feb 2011 cover
  • February 2011

  • 'Damage Control Surgery': Saving Lives from the War Zone to Home
  • A 'New Frontier of Life': Facial Prosthetics Provide Hope
  • Making VFW: Battling for the WWI Bonus
  • Hitting the Ho Chi Minh Trail
January 11 Cover Past
  • January 2011

  • For Unit Valor in Battle
  • For 'Extreme Gallantry'
  • Introducing VFW Employee Persian Gulf Vets
  • Gulf War Illness: A Practical Guide
  • Women Deployed to Gulf in Large Numbers

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