VFW Magazine

Nov/Dec 09 Cover

November/December 2009

  • Fall of the Berlin Wall Frees East Europe
  • 'You Won the Cold War'
  • Commemorating Cold War Combat Casualties
  • Thanksgiving: Days of Thanks and Despair in Wartime
October 09 Cover
  • October 2009

  • America's Top 10 Greatest Navy Explorers
  • President Outlines Defense Policy
  • Making the Organization Work: Administration and Operations
  • Jared Monti Awarded Medal of Honor: 'Bravest Thing I've Seen'
September 09 Cover
  • September 2009

  • Bring Back ROTC
  • Who Are VFW's 1.5 Million Members?
  • Strengthened in Shared Purpose: VFW and its Affiliated Organizations
  • Wounded Vets Benefit from Special Outings: A Pictorial
  • Local Chapters Carry Success of Student Vet Group
August 09 Cover
  • August 2009

  • While Woodstock Rocked, GIs Died
  • 'New Deal' ... or No Deal?: VFW Saves the Day for Depression-Era Vets
  • Why Truman Dropped the Bomb
  • VFW Member Benefits Bolster Membership
June/July 09 Cover
  • June/July 2009

  • Courage in Combat
  • Stalkers and Shooters: Part I: American Snipers in WWII, Korea and Vietnam
  • Texas-Mexico Border Aflame
  • Unraveling the Mystery of PTSD
May 09 Cover
  • May 2009

  • Giving Solace to the Families of 'Fallen Heroes'
  • Overseas War Memorials: 'Beacon for the Future'
  • A Fitting Memorial That Honors Sacrifice
April 09 Cover
  • April 2009

  • Readjusting to Postwar Society: Troubled Homecoming
  • The 'Good War' Portrayed in Popular Culture
  • Why Does Japan Keep Revising its Wartime Past?
  • GIs Did Shoot Back in WWII
  • WWII Fathers and Vietnam Vet Sons Share Special Bond
March 09 Cover
  • March 2009

  • Women's Center on Cutting Edge
  • Legislation Would Enhance Health Care for Female Vets
  • Piloting is a Family Affair
February 09 Cover
  • February 2009

  • Chronic Pain: Individualizing Treatment
  • Black Americans at War
  • Abraham Lincoln: 'First Experience as a Leader of Men'
  • 'Public Face of VFW': Programs
January 09 Cover
  • January 2009

  • Draftees: Invaluable Contributors to the Nation's Defense
  • Is Military Service a Class Thing?
  • Soldiers' Keepers: Dogs of War
  • Panel Says Gulf War Illness is Real
  • Fake War Heroes Stealing Valor