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Readers are urged to help these vets seeking claim substantiation statements. Respond directly to the person listed at the end of the claim assistance request. This service is provided for VFW members who are in the process of filing a VA claim.

To submit your form for substantiation request, click here to submit the form online.

Or write us at:
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If you need assistance in preparing a claim, contact your local VFW Service Officer located at VA medical centers and regional offices. See National Veterans Services for a complete listing.

August Issue Claims


USS Jason ARH-1, China – Seeking anyone who served with me to substantiate medical claim. – Keith Alan Walker (830) 796-4223, nannylanny@hotmail.com

B Co., 2nd Bn., 17th Inf. 7th ID, Korea – Seeking anyone who served with me to verify Lindane powder and liquids while serving in the 7th ID AOR North of the 38th parallel to substantiate a prostate cancer medical claim. James F. Kerr III (480) 892-4023, jimkerr@cox.net

38th Brigade, Osan AFB, Camp Humphries, Korea – Seeing anyone who served with me in Korea to establish my TDY assignment in January 1966 to substantiate a medical claim. Ralph H. Pruder (231) 445-7038, rspruder@att.net

14 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, Udorn, Thailand – Seeking anyone who served with me to substantiate an Agent Orange medical claim. Ronald F. Douglas (320) 255-8851, sdjukebox@charter.net


C Co., 2nd Bn., 502nd Inf., 1st Bde., 101st Abn. Div.– Seeking anyone who served with me to verify Huey helicopter crash outside of Phu Bai province to substantiate back injury and PTSD medical claims. Terry A. Turner (708) 539-8675, turnado@comcast.net