Season two set to kick off this week

The VFW is proud to announce it has partnered with the highly successful, syndicated television show Hiring America as it enters its second season. The show currently airs on the global Pentagon Channel, as well as in more than 35 local markets —a number expected to grow exponentially with the launch of its second season.  

Hosted by TV correspondent, Gigi Stone, Hiring America provides valuable resources and information for new and seasoned veterans moving from the service into the workforce, or seeking to build their careers. It’s the first-ever national television program dedicated to job seeking advice and career direction for returning U.S. military veterans. 

VFW’s support for the show comes as major cuts to defense spending and plans for military downsizing will force thousands of career veterans to transition back into civilian life, and an uncertain workforce, perhaps sooner than anticipated.

“Hiring America is a great resource to our veterans and for generations, we have strived to meet the needs and represent the best interests of veterans and their families,” said VFW Adjutant General John Hamilton. “Our involvement in being an official partner in Hiring America is a new dimension, new vista in demonstrating that support.”  

The show is the brainchild of entrepreneur Bill Deutch who also serves as executive producer.  He has committed the last five years of his life to bringing the show’s concept from a dream to reality. “I can’t think of any more worthwhile endeavor than supporting and helping the men and women of our military,” he said.     

Beginning this weekend, the second season will run nationwide for 13 consecutive weeks. Building on the momentum and successful format of its first season, Hiring America will again consist of 30-minute programs that cover a wide spectrum of guests. It will feature experts in the field of career counseling and guidance, and veterans and military personnel with real world experience and success stories on making the transition.

“At the end of the day, if we help make the transition easier for just one veteran — make it possible for him or her to succeed in civilian life — Hiring America will have done its job,” Deutch lamented.
The season two premiere opens at Ground Zero in New York and features FDNY Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano, a former Vietnam Veteran who has transitioned his military experience into becoming a leader in civilian life.  

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