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  • Scholarship Helps Soldier Find His Way
    Edward Feeley’s life plan was much like any other’s. High school. Then college, where he studied political science. But something wasn’t right.
  • Community Service, Youth Scholarships and Activities
    Community Service and Youth Scholarship Programs
  • VFW Announces 2014-15 Scout of the Year Scholarship Winners
    The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is proud to announce the winners of the 2014-15 Scout of the Year annual scholarship competition.  Established in 2001, the Scout of the Year competition was designed to reward eligible members of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who display standout citizenship, patriotism and love of country with college scholarships of up to $5,000.
  • Scout of the Year Scholarship
    Scout of the Year Scout of the Year Scholarship winners and guidelines. 1st Place Winner Evan T. Mercer was selected as the 2013-14 VFW Scout of the Year in the organization's National Competition. He was awarded a $5,000 scholarship. Evan was sponsored by the VFW Department of Georgia and VFW Post 5448.
  • Air Force Veteran to Break Into Book Industry
    Elena Stofle, 25, was an Air Force Paralegal and Postal Troop from 2008 to 2013, having served in Germany and Southwest Asia.
  • VFW Scholarship Aids National Guardsman as He Reaches Toward Future Career
    Like many teenagers, Anthony Smotherman didn't have post-high school career plans. At 18-years-old and with no desire to attend college, Anthony wasn’t sure what his next step in life would be. He did know that he was raised to put others before himself, had a strong desire to help defend America from future attacks and recognized America’s need for proactive and vigilant leaders. So, Anthony thought the Army National Guard was a good fit.
  • Soldier Follows Dreams Thanks to Scholarship
    “I felt like I hadn’t done much with my life yet, and I wanted to give back to the country that has done so much for me,” said Adrian Hill, 23. “Both my grandfathers served, so it was an easy decision for me.”
  • Routine Haircut Leads to College Scholarship for Student Veteran
    For most, a visit to the barber doesn’t lead to being awarded a hand up in life, but that’s exactly what happened to Marine veteran Kristofer Poole.
  • Student Veterans of America
    Student Veterans of America
  • Young Father Yearns for Excellence
    An unexpected surprise led Brandon Delgado to join the Marine Corps four years ago: the birth of his now 4-year-old son.  “I needed to make a move to help provide for my family,” said Delgado. “I wanted to better myself for my wife and son.” 
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